The UTF is affiliated
with Nevada Airsoft

UTF News

We've paused our airsoft activity and are currently on hiatus.

If you are still interested in participating with us,
visit our gaming branch at or

UTF Docs

Organizational Charter
The UTF charter defines our organizational requirements, goals, and objectives.

Safety & Gameplay
These rules offer a general guideline of airsoft participation and etiquette.

Waiver of Liability
The UTF offers legal protection from the potential risks of playing airsoft.

Member Contract
UTF initiates are required to sign a member contract to ensure their knowledge and adherence to organizational doctrine.
The United Task Force is an airsoft organization dedicated to recreational pursuits as a cohesive unit, holding operations in Reno Nevada and its surrounding areas.
Our intention is to improve the quality of players and games on the battlefield; including giving a fun, entertaining, and unique airsoft experience.

Those who wish to contact or participate with the UTF,
please email